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It was a great honor being chosen as the "official" photographer for the 2014 Kauai Sandcastle Competition in Hanalei, Kauai. I love being apart of our great community in the North Shore and meeting all the beautiful faces that make Kauai everything it can be. I am also a huge sculpture and fine arts fan, so being apart of the event felt very natural. I can remember playing in the sand as a child and this event really brought back all those childhood memories. It was a great event for both young and old...native, local and tourist. My wonderful wife, Alison joined me for the day and ended up working on a powerful sandcastle with a message. Many of the sandcastles where constructed with a message. Click on the read more button to see a few more pictures and link to all the official images.

Hawaii Sandcastles

For all the photos from the event, please visit Hawaii Sandcastles


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